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The Thermal Expansion Valve: A Feature Worth Considering When You’re Shopping for an A/C
The Thermal Expansion Valve: A Feature Worth Considering When You’re Shopping for an A/C

Air conditioning is the largest single consumer of electricity in your home this summer, accounting for as much as half of your entire energy bill. A thermal expansion valve is a feature that helps keep these costs down. What is a thermal expansion valve? This type of valve ...

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  • When You Need Whole-House Dehumidification, In Addition to Air Conditioning

    Portland area homeowners contend with high humidity throughout the year, averaging more than 50 percent above optimal levels inside homes, and often ...

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  • SEER Efficiency Ratings: Making Sense of All The Numbers

    If you’re shopping around for a new cooling system, you may have been told to pay close attention to SEER efficiency ratings. If you don’t understand ...

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  • That Heat in Your Attic–Is It Making You Hotter in the Rest of Your Home?

    Although average summer highs in the Portland area typically top out in the low 80s, Rose City homeowners who have attics unprotected by insulation ...

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  • Your Indoor Air Quality: Eliminating Volatile Organic Compounds in Your Home

    Volatile organic compounds are harmful chemicals released into the air through a process called off-gassing. VOCs include formaldehyde, benzene, ...

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  • Your Energy-Efficient Portland Home: Handy Ways to Beat the Heat Without Busting Your Budget

    Too few homeowners know how to achieve an energy-efficient home. Running your A/C unit all day in order to keep your house cool is not the ideal way. ...

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  • Uncovering the Energy-Efficiency Trouble Spots in Your Portland Home

    If you’re intrepid enough to explore the nooks and crannies of your basement and attic, you can uncover many energy-efficiency trouble spots and fix ...

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  • Your Split Air-Conditioning System: Making Sure the 2 Sides Work Together

    Has one half of your split air-conditioning system seen its last days? If either the outside condensing unit or inside evaporator/air handler are ...

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  • Hiring the Right Contractor for Your Cooling-System Installation: A Portland Homeowner’s Checklist

    Have you decided to purchase or replace an air conditioner this summer? If so, make sure you also choose the right contractor for A/C installation. If ...

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