Home Electrical Safety Check

Households here in the Portland area are filled with electrical devices and wiring systems. In order to make sure your electrical system is safe for your family and is as energy-efficient as possible, consider scheduling an economical home electrical safety check.

When you schedule your electrical safety checkup, highly-trained electrical technicians are sent out to evaluate your electrical system. This electrical service increases home safety and eases any concerns you may have about your household’s electrical safety. A yearly electrical safety check is recommended, and this service typically includes:

  • Electrical panel check: Technicians verify that all connections in your electrical panel are properly tightened. They perform a thorough inspection to locate safety issues like burned wiring or shorted connections and make sure your circuit breakers are properly sized for the job.
  • GFCI outlet testing: This test checks function/safe operation of ground fault circuit interrupters, which break/disconnect circuits if leakage is detected.
  • Receptacle inspection: This inspection is performed to locate burnt/loosened electrical receptacles/outlets and recommend repairs.
  • Smoke detector testing: A tech can change batteries and test for correct function. Date codes are checked to ensure carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are replaced before the end of their lifespan.
  • Whole house grounding inspection: Is your home properly grounded? Technicians assess the premises to make sure.
  • Home electronics testing: Professionals will examine electrical appliances and devices to help ensure adequate protection for power surges.
  • Home lighting check: Properly functioning lights in and around your home are important safety features for your family’s security. The pros can make recommendations about improved lighting solutions to provide additional or more effective illumination if necessary.

Electrician training

At Roth Heating & Cooling, our electricians are well-trained, highly qualified, background checked and drug free. These experienced professionals complete hours of extended training in the latest electrical technology as well as older, legacy systems. Roth’s electrical experts participate in continuing education, staying up-to-date throughout their careers to meet or exceed Oregon’s license renewal requirements.

If you have questions about your residential electrical system or would like an electrical safety check, call Roth Heating & Cooling at (503) 994-9924 today. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the Portland area.