What Do UV Lights Really Do for Your Indoor Air Quality?

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What Do UV Lights Really Do for Your Indoor Air Quality?

The growing amount of fungi and bacteria in indoor air has many people thinking about how they can think Earth Smart while improving the quality of their air. The spread of fungi or mold indoors is on the rise, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. This is partially due to how homes are insulated and how air flows throughout the home. The use of germicidal UV lights can help reduce this mold and other unwanted micro-organisms, creating cleaner air in the home.

Indoor air pollutants such as mold are harmful and can create a number of health risks. UV lights produce ultraviolet radiation, which will destroy a substantial amount of these pollutants found in the air. Along with insulation, HVAC surfaces such as ductwork or drain pans may also be a site for mold and bacteria growth.

For areas where several forms of harmful bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi are found, a catalyst substance can be used to destroy pollutants in the air. The catalyst reacts to the ultraviolet rays from the UV light and causes these pollutants to convert into harmless byproducts. While this method will not completely remove the issues, it can reduce the amount found in the air greatly, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Using UV lamps in your ductwork or shining directly on the A/C or heat pump evaporator coils will provide a big boost to your air-cleaning efforts. With the addition of ultraviolet radiation, along with your normal HVAC filtration system, you can have cleaner, more breathable air in your Portland area home. To learn more about improving your air with UV lights, please contact us at (503) 266-1249 today.

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