Is Your Home’s Airflow Lacking? Common Ductwork Obstructions to Look For
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Is Your Home’s Airflow Lacking? Common Ductwork Obstructions to Look For


The best-known cause of airflow obstructions in a home forced-air heating and cooling system is a dirty air filter. When the filter isn’t cleaned or replaced periodically, it will become caked with dust and obstruct airflow through your ducts. Another area where the ductwork can become dirty and slow down airflow is the blower fan. Dirty blades have a reduced ability to move air through the HVAC system. Finally, the return inlet grilles can become obstructed by dirt. Also, they might be blocked by furniture, drapes, rugs or toys.

Ductwork is the route through which air travels to different areas of the home. When the ductwork is obstructed, your home will not heat or cool evenly. The furnace or heat pump will have to work harder to keep the home warm during the winter, and the air conditioning will be challenged to cool the home during the summer.

Besides dirty ductwork, many other problems that can slow down the flow of air in the HVAC system, making the system less efficient and driving up energy costs. These include:

  • Problems with dampers
  • Collapsed ductwork or insulation
  • Leaks in the air supply

Sometimes, it could be something as simple as a fire damper becoming stuck in a closed position and blocking airflow. Zone dampers can also become stuck and bring airflow to a halt.

If the flex duct collapses, this will either block or slow down airflow. The insulation in the duct can collapse and create ductwork obstructions, requiring reconstruction.

If the supply air duct system has a leak, this will reduce airflow through the ductwork. Leaks result from the gradual deterioration of the ductwork caused by dried adhesive and deteriorating caulk.

If you suspect that your home has ductwork obstructions, please contact us at (503) 266-1249 for expert advice on your ductwork or any other issues related to home comfort. We have proudly served the Portland area for more than 30 years.

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