Improve the Performance of Your Ductless Mini Split During Cooler Temperatures
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Improve the Performance of Your Ductless Mini Split During Cooler Temperatures


Portland may not be the coldest city in America, or get the most snow. However, even with Portland’s relatively mild winter, you still need an efficient heating system. Many people choose ductless mini splits because of their convenience and energy efficiency. However, you can improve upon your mini split’s performance to get even better results while trying to stay warm this winter.

  • Make sure your house is sealed up right. You don’t want to have any of your warm air or heat energy escaping outside. A combination of caulking, weatherstripping and insulation are key to creating and maintaining a warm house.
  • Even though we only get a modest amount of snow in the Portland area (except in higher elevations), you will still want to keep what snow you do get off of the outside condensing unit of your ductless mini split. Place a non-restrictive covering over it, perhaps a shed-like cover a couple feet above the top of the cabinet. If the outside unit is out in the open, it risks getting plugged with snow. When this happens, the snow or ice has to melt before it can create any heat. The appliance is just wasting energy on melting snow or ice instead of doing its job.
  • Make sure the inside air handler(s) are installed and mounted according to manufacturer instructions. Different ductless mini splits have different instructions for installing the air handlers, with some advising installation near the ceiling, and others recommending closer to the floor.
  • Finally, Portland temperatures usually don’t get below the high 20s. But it does happen. Ductless mini splits lose their heating efficiency as the temperature falls below freezing. Make sure you have an economical source of emergency heating to take over when the weather gets frigid for extended periods. Many homeowners use a dual-fuel system, where a natural gas furnace provides emergency backup, or even a first choice when gas prices are low.

Ductless mini splits are a great idea for warming up your Portland area home this winter. They’re more efficient, and a much greener option for heating your home. For more information about this type of system, or any other HVAC questions, please contact us at Roth Heating & Cooling today.

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