Remodeling Your Bathroom? 5 Tips for Selecting an Energy Efficient Low-Flow Toilet
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Remodeling Your Bathroom? 5 Tips for Selecting an Energy Efficient Low-Flow Toilet


What’s your reason for looking into new low-flow toilets? It might be to save money, be more environmentally responsible, or meet building codes. Whatever the reason, rest assured that high efficiency low-flow toilets are an excellent addition to your home. Here are five tips for selecting an energy-efficient low-flow toilet:

  • Decide between siphonic and wash-down technologies: The siphonic method is more common in North America. It “pulls” waste from the bowl. The smaller trapway this technology requires can result in more clogging. The wash-down method is common in Europe. It “pushes” waste from the bowl. The smaller amount of water and shape of the bowl causes more of the dreaded “skid marks,” but clogs are less common.
  • Compare performance ratings: Dual-flush, wash-down and siphonic technologies vary, but performance is what really matters. Look up the results of different toilets you’re considering and compare how well they perform in accurately simulated real-world conditions.
  • Consider efficiency: Since toilets account for approximately 30 percent of indoor water use, it’s obviously worthwhile to install more efficient fixtures. You’re making an upgrade anyway, so you might as well give your investment the opportunity to pay you back. A High Efficiency Toilet (HET) uses a maximum of 1.3 gallons per flush, which is 20 percent lower than the 1.6-gallon maximum for all newly manufactured toilets.
  • Don’t let the price fool you: A more expensive toilet does not necessarily indicate a better performing toilet. Shop around and make your decision based on factors other than price. Fortunately, good old manufacturer competition helps keep prices down.
  • Consider toilet design: If possible, “try out” a few low-flow toilets in person. Pay attention to the height, seat shape and rim design for what you think is most comfortable. Also keep your bathroom’s dimensions in mind. If you love the look and feel of an elongated bowl, make sure there’s enough distance between the bowl and the surrounding walls and fixtures in your bathroom.

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