Get Your Portland Area Home Ready for Fall With This Maintenance Checklist
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Get Your Portland Area Home Ready for Fall With This Maintenance Checklist


Heating and cooling your home can consume half of your energy costs. The good news is that you can save up to 20 percent on these costs by insulating your home and sealing leaks in walls, doors and windows. This fall home maintenance checklist will help you get started:

  • Find leaks by holding a lit candle or lighter around the frame of doors and windows. If the flame flickers, you have an air leak. An incense sticks works, too.
  • Seal leaks with weatherstripping or caulk.
  • Install storm doors on exterior entrances to create an air gap.
  • Install removable shrink-wrap insulation kits on old single-pane or leaky windows that you aren’t ready to replace yet.
  • Inspect your rain gutters and make sure they’re clean and secure before the heavy rains begin. If you have lots of deciduous trees in your yard, clean the gutters periodically throughout the fall. Repair small leaks with gutter repair tape.
  • Have your furnace professionally inspected and serviced. If there’s a freak ice storm this winter, you don’t want to wake up to a freezing house because you cut corners this fall.
  • Keep a few furnace filters on hand – enough to change them at least once every couple of months. Put a monthly reminder on your calendar to help you remember to check the filter to see if it needs to be changed.
  • Have your chimney or wood stove inspected and cleaned by a chimney sweep to protect against chimney fires. This service is surprisingly affordable, and you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

Award-winning Roth Heating & Cooling has more than 35 years of experience serving Portland area residents. We can help with your fall home maintenance needs so you and your family stay warm and comfortable when the cold winds blow this winter – call us today at (503) 266-1249 for more information. 

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