Your Noisy A/C Compressor: So What Does That Banging, Buzzing or Bubbling Mean?
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Your Noisy A/C Compressor: So What Does That Banging, Buzzing or Bubbling Mean?


Hearing noise coming from your A/C and not sure what to do? There are some things you can do to troubleshoot the problem and see if the issue might be caused by a noisy A/C compressor.

By checking for the source of the noise, you can determine whether the noisy A/C compressor problem may require a simple repair or a much more costly one.

  • Banging noises – Could be the result of a loose part, such as a piston pin or crankshaft. The loose or broken part will need to be completely replaced,
  • Screaming or hissing noise – Be sure to turn the A/C off immediately if it does not shut itself off. This problem could be very dangerous, as it may be caused by too much internal pressure inside the unit. If the noise is a quieter one, the problem may be the result of leaky internal valves. Unlike a loud hissing or screaming noise, this type of noisy A/C compressor issue is not dangerous, but does mean your system is running at a level that is costly and inefficient.
  • Rattling, rumbling or chattering noises – If these noises are heard during start-up, loose hardware could be the culprit. This could be something as simple as a loose bolt or broken spring. Other times, this problem could mean the compressor motor may have failed and while everything looks normal, the issue is coming from inside the sealed unit.
  • Excessive clicking noises – Sometimes a failing thermostat or control system can cause the relays to click on and off excessively. In this case, it may be time to replace your thermostat.

For more expert advice about a noisy A/C compressor and other issues related to home comfort, please contact us at Roth Heating and Cooling. We’ve been serving the Portland area since 1976.

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