What to Expect From a Duct Cleaning
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What to Expect From a Duct Cleaning


Dirty, neglected HVAC ductwork poses a number of potential health problems to you and your family. Over time, a wide variety of contaminants can pollute your system’s ducts. Dirt, dust, pollen and dander can work their way into your ducts. To avoid their circulation throughout your home, contact a professional who can clean your ducts and remove these pollutants.

When your HVAC contractor determines that it’s time to clean your ducts, you can expect them to perform the following procedures to complete the job correctly.

  • The technician will use a variety of tools to gain access to the inside of your duct system. These access points will range from small openings used to accommodate optical devices for inspection to larger openings required for personnel entry and equipment.
  • Technicians use handheld mirrors, 35mm and digital cameras, periscopes (right-angle viewing devices) and video or CCTV camera systems to inspect the inside of your duct system. This allows them to identify potential problem areas so they can attack them accordingly.
  • Handheld cleaning tools such as brushes, pneumatic agitators, blowguns, air skippers and air whips are used to loosen and drive the debris to a collection device. The pneumatic tools are operated by using air pressure supplied by a truck mounted or portable compressor.
  • Portable and truck-mounted vacuum collection devices are used to not only collect contaminants, but also prevent them from spreading throughout your home during the entire cleaning process. These collection devices are fitted with HEPA filters and are capable of collecting both wet and dry material.

As you can see, there’s a lot of work involved when it’s time to clean your ducts. However, after all is said and done, you’ll breath easier knowing these filthy contaminants have been removed from your home.

For more information about cleaning your ducts contact the pros at Roth Heating & Cooling. We’ve proudly served the Portland area since 1976.

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