Installing a Furnace: An NDIY Job — Never Do It Yourself

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Installing a Furnace: An NDIY Job — Never Do It Yourself

Many homeowners save a lot of money by learning how do some home maintenance tasks and repairs on their own. However, there are some jobs that just aren’t DIY-friendly. Installing a furnace is one of them. To the untrained eye, replacing a furnace might seem fairly simple. In reality, it’s a complex and exacting process. Furnace installation should be left to experienced HVAC professionals with the technical training, experience and specialized equipment necessary to ensure that the job will be done safely and correctly.

Why installing a furnace should be left to the pros

Saving on repair costs is the primary reason most homeowners undertake DIY repairs. However, there are some instances where it’s more cost-effective to call in a professional. Installing a furnace is one of those instances, since the job requires specialized tools and equipment that aren’t found in the average home toolbox. Purchasing those necessary items will eliminate much of the savings of DIY installation.

Then there’s the complexity of the job to consider. How much do you know about furnace venting, chimney safety, proper furnace and ductwork sizing, or custom pipe fitting and threading? If your furnace will need to be connected to a central air conditioning system, do you know how to capture old refrigerant from your system for proper recycling, or how to braze copper pipes safely? At best, improper installation can cost you in heating efficiency, home comfort and long-term repair and maintenance expenses. At worst, it can be deadly, releasing toxic fumes into your home or creating a risk of fire or explosion.

Another important issue is equipment quality. Many of the most reliable and efficient furnace brands and models are not available for direct purchase by homeowners, so you’ll probably end up with a cheaply made, inefficient furnace. Even if you can find a contractor to act as middleman to get you top-notch equipment, DIY furnace installation will likely void its warranty.

Installing a furnace is no job for amateurs. If you’re in the Portland area and have a need for a new furnace, contact the experts at (503) 266-1249. We’ve been providing safe, professional furnace installations since 1976.

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