The Best Balance Point for Your Heat Pump Depends on Home Performance
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The Best Balance Point for Your Heat Pump Depends on Home Performance


Heat pumps provide energy-efficient heating for Portland area homeowners to a certain degree, and it’s that one degree — the balance point — where backup electric resistance heating takes over and efficiency is lost. The best balance point for your heat pump can be achieved by upgrading your home’s energy efficiency and scheduling professional preventive maintenance for your heat pump.

Home performance

The heating and cooling load of your home, which satisfies your comfort expectations, is affected by the quality and location of insulation, sealing up holes and cracks and improving other elements of home performance, such as efficient window coverings and using ceiling fans for energy savings and comfort.

A home energy evaluation by your HVAC professional is the first step to lowering the balance point, lowering utility bills and maximizing home comfort. Your HVAC professional reviews utility bills and discusses any heating and cooling issues.

Home performance testing includes a blower door test to find air leaks around windows, doors, cracks, wall apertures and in the ductwork. A thermographic scan uses infrared video to reveal inconsistent temperatures inside your home, which indicates insulation inconsistencies.

Heat pump performance

Your heat pump heats your home by extracting heat from outside air and releasing the heat inside your home. (The opposite heat exchange occurs for cooling your home.) This movement of heat is accomplished by instigating pressure changes within the refrigerant. This method of heating your home reaches 400 percent energy efficiency, according to

However, to reach great efficiency rates and to maximize heating and cooling capacity, your heat pump requires regular maintenance to ensure refrigerant and airflow are optimized — the two primary components for efficient heat exchange.

Incorrect refrigerant charge, too much or too little, compromises heat exchange and stresses other components. Airflow that’s hindered for any number of reasons affects air pressure, home comfort, indoor air quality and increases energy costs.

Home efficiency upgrades and professional preventive maintenance ensure the best balance point for your heat pump, lower utility bills and optimal home comfort. To schedule preventive maintenance and an energy evaluation for your Portland area home, contact Roth Heating & Cooling today.

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