When Good Boilers Go Bad: How to Answer the Repair-Or-Replace Question
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When Good Boilers Go Bad: How to Answer the Repair-Or-Replace Question


If you use a boiler to heat your home, did it sit unused for several months until recently? After being forgotten for the last season, your boiler may be in need of significant repairs or replacement. Determining which method works best for your home and budget can be difficult, but a few pieces of information will make the decision easier:

  • If your boiler has a crack, hole or significant rust damage, it probably cannot be repaired, and the unit can threaten the safety of your family. Even if the unit is operational, it is imperative that it be replaced.
  • If your unit is non-functional, hire a professional boiler technician. Your expert will tell you if the unit can be repaired and at what cost.
  • Boilers are mechanical devices. Even with regular maintenance, they do require new parts to keep them functional. If your unit is old, those parts may not be available or they may only be available at a cringe-worthy price.
  • Have any major renovations been completed on your home since the boiler was installed? If the layout or size of the home has changed, your boiler may be the wrong size. The layout of your heating system, home and square footage are important pieces of information to share with your heating expert.
  • A boiler that is 10 years or older will be significantly less efficient than a new boiler. This disparity in efficiency can mean a reduction of almost 50 percent in your fuel bill. If the cost of a new boiler and annual servicing is covered by this reduction, it would be a win-win to switch to a newer model.
  • Look at your repair bills. Have you spent a significant amount on repairs, not just annual maintenance, in the past year? If so, it makes sense to save that repair money and invest it in a new boiler.

When you think your good boiler may be going bad, please call Roth Heating & Cooling at (503) 266-1249. We can help you answer the repair-or-replace question.

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