High-Efficiency Heating Systems: Start Your Research Here
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High-Efficiency Heating Systems: Start Your Research Here


More than ever, homeowners are searching for high-efficiency heating systems that deliver superior performance and optimal home comfort. Furnace manufacturers have answered the demand by introducing sophisticated furnace features. These advanced features have increased annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings by as much as 50 percent.

Fuel combustion
Sealed combustion chambers convert more fuel to heat energy by using only direct-vent air from outside your home. PVC pipes are used for air supply and exhaust. Warm indoor air is not wasted for heating.

Electronic spark ignition has all but replaced conventional standing pilot lights in modern furnaces. Electronic ignition is more efficient and safer.

Two-stage gas valves quickly heat the furnace, and then reduce the flame to a steady flow. This is more efficient and provides heat faster for greater comfort.

Improved airflow
Variable-speed blowers produce smooth, even heating throughout your home. A variable-speed blower powers on in low speed, and slowly ramps up to meet current heating needs of your home. A variable-speed blower usually runs at a slower speed but more continuously. This may appear to contradict energy-saving performance. However, heating your home with low air velocity is much more efficient than older furnaces (with single-speed blowers) that run at 100 percent capacity, and cycle on and off frequently. Variable-speed blowers reduce wear and tear on components, supply more even heating and provide better air filtration.

Variable-capacity output technology adjusts heat and blower speed in increments as low as 1 percent, which delivers precise temperature control.

Condensing furnace
A high-efficiency condensing furnace is the top-of-the line for energy efficiency. A condensing furnace utilizes a dual heat exchanger. The primary heat exchanger functions as usual, while the secondary heat exchanger captures hot exhaust gases, and utilizes the waste exhaust for heating your home. A dual heat exchanger is nearly 100 percent efficient for converting fuel to heat.

“Smart” features
“Smart” programmable thermostats link compatible home-comfort systems for ultimate efficiency, comfort and convenience. You can communicate with your “smart” thermostat via your smartphone app or an online computer to make temperature changes, check alerts and more.

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