A Handy Guide to Duct Sealing
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A Handy Guide to Duct Sealing


Forced-air heating and cooling systems use air ducts to distribute the heated or cooled air throughout your home. Due to poorly maintained duct systems, in a typical home about 20 percent of that air is lost through leaks in the ductwork. Not only does this increase your energy costs, it also causes your heating and cooling system to work that much harder to maintain the desired comfort level in your home. A few simple and inexpensive procedures you can do yourself can reduce the air loss associated with leaking ducts. Use this handy guide to duct sealing to help you get started.

  • Inspect your air ducts periodically for visible signs of leaking such as holes, loose duct tape or damage from pests.
  • Replace loose duct tape with high-quality metal duct tape to help reduce potential air loss.
  • Clean off cracked duct mastic sealant and replace it. Duct mastic is a specialized type of sealant used to seal air ducts.
  • Straighten out bent or kinked ducts. This will allow the air to flow freely through the duct system.
  • Pay close attention to joints that connect ducts together. Reseal the connections with mastic or metal tape.
  • Make sure registers and vents are securely connected to the ducts.

With regular inspection and maintenance, you can eliminate air loss through your duct system. This not only saves you money on your energy bills; it helps to lengthen the life of your heating and air conditioning equipment. With this guide to duct sealing, the cost of maintaining a properly sealed duct system will pay for itself in the end.

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