Air Conditioner Replacement — Knowing When Repairs Won't Cut It

You could wait until your air conditioner completely croaks to replace it, but that could leave you without air conditioning on a hot afternoon in Portland. Rather, the best step to take is to learn what signs indicate your air conditioner is on its last leg. That way, you can stop pouring money into repairs and fit an air conditioner replacement conveniently into your schedule and budget.

Here are several signs that repairs simply won’t cut it, and that you should consider replacing your air conditioner:

  • Your A/C is aging: Air conditioners (A/C) are meant to last between 10 and 15 years before their efficiency declines and your repair costs rise. Therefore, if you have an aging A/C, you should consider an air conditioner replacement sooner rather than later.
  • Your energy costs are rising: Your air conditioner’s age and your energy bills are directly related. If you’ve seen higher utility bills in the last couple of years, you have more to blame than rising energy costs. An air conditioner replacement could result in as much as a 20 percent savings on your cooling costs every month.
  • You’re paying for frequent repairs: If you’ve had a major repair or two this past cooling season, stop throwing good money after bad, and seek an air conditioner replacement instead of making another repair. You’ll be amazed at how reliably and efficiently a new air conditioner can function.
  • Your comfort is not what it used to be: An A/C that can’t keep up with demand is one that you should consider replacing. If the air conditioner runs constantly and isn’t able to lower your home’s temperature or remove humidity properly, you are wasting money and living in an uncomfortable environment.
  • You’re hearing excessive noise: Air conditioners aren’t the quietest machines, especially if they are older, but if you’re hearing new noises, you shouldn’t ignore them. There could be a problem with a major system component, and the noise could be your warning that a breakdown is imminent. Start looking into a replacement before that breakdown occurs.

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