Furnace Troubleshooting — Why Calling in a pro Is Usually the Best Option

Regular maintenance on your furnace is important for efficient performance and longevity. If your furnace isn’t working properly and you’re not sure what to do, try a few furnace troubleshooting techniques before you call a heating and cooling professional.

If your furnace is operable, but not producing adequate heat, check the following:

  • Verify the thermostat is set to “heat” and adjust the temperature so it’s above current room temperature.
  • Check the air filter, and change if necessary.
  • Ensure that the air-supply registers are free of obstruction (curtains, furniture, toys, etc.).

If none of these furnace troubleshooting steps work, you may need to call a heating and cooling professional to evaluate your system, including your duct system for leakage and disconnected joints.

If your furnace is not powering on, check the following:

  • Switch the thermostat to “fan” mode to check power to the furnace.
  • Check the circuit breaker. Switch it “off” and back “on.”
  • Check the electrical disconnect switch (SSU switch) and make sure it’s “on.” It looks just like a light switch located at the furnace.

If none of these furnace troubleshooting steps worked, it’s time to call a heating and cooling professional to handle the situation. If you don’t have a regular contractor that you work with, you need to ask pertinent questions, and look for specific criteria, including:

  • Verify licenses and insurance.
  • Check referrals, and ask for credentials.
  • Look for a company that has been established in the community for several years.
  • Get everything in writing, including warranty, guarantees, labor, overtime and follow-up services.

These are just some of the top things to look for when hiring a contractor. It’s wise to maintain a service plan with a reputable company to avoid emergency repairs, and to keep your home-comfort systems running at peak efficiency.

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