UV Lights Work With Your HVAC System to Provide Better Indoor Air Quality
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UV Lights Work With Your HVAC System to Provide Better Indoor Air Quality


Every minute of every day, nasty little microorganisms are floating around the air of your Portland area home, threatening the quality of your indoor air. To combat this, one technique that is gaining popularity with homeowners is the use of UV lights. Not only do ultraviolet (UV) lights eradicate everything from spores and mold to bacteria and viruses, they’ll work with your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system to help clean your air.

UV lights are powerful destroyers

Ultraviolet rays wreak havoc on cells by neutralizing their ability to reproduce. Pollutants such as bacteria and spores literally are obliterated whenever they come into contact with UV lights. And by destroying these microorganisms, these high-intensity lights go a long way to improving your indoor air quality.

UV lights are an HVAC system’s sidekick

Every Batman needs his Robin, and so does every HVAC system. That’s where ultraviolet lights come in. All you have to do is install the UV lights within your duct system, then sit back and watch the magic happen. The HVAC unit will circulate the air in your Portland home. This will draw the pollutants into your ductwork, where the ultraviolet lights are lying in wait. As microorganisms pass through your ductwork and come into contact with the high-intensity lights, they are destroyed.

Two choices with installation

You can choose to install the UV light system at either the evaporator coil or the indoor coil. The first option, at the evaporator coil, is often the most effective, as the destruction of pollutants will protect the coil from a buildup of pollutants. The second option, at the indoor coil, focuses the ultraviolet lights at the location where microbes and fungus are likely to develop. Both setups will improve your indoor air quality, so you really can’t lose with either one.

If you would like further assistance with UV lights, or for questions regarding home comfort, please don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Roth Heating & Cooling. We have been serving the HVAC needs of Portland and the surrounding areas since 1976.

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