Heat Pump Features That You Can’t Ignore When Upgrading
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Heat Pump Features That You Can’t Ignore When Upgrading


Are you in the market for a new heat pump? If you’re upgrading your heat pump, you should know that current models typically are equipped with a selection of convenient advanced features that improve performance, efficiency and reliability.

Here are some of the heat pump features that you might want to consider ensuring that your upgraded heat pump has:

  • Variable-speed blower motors: Blowers are the powerful fans in the air-handling system that move heated and cooled air from the heat pump to your home. Instead of running on high at all times, variable-speed or dual-speed blower motors provide a lower level of operation for when less airflow is needed to maintain indoor temperatures. When operating at the lower speed, the fan system uses less energy and experiences less overall wear.
  • Dual-speed compressors: Dual-speed compressors also offer a lower level of operation that saves energy and money. When actual cooling needs in your home drop, the dual-speed compressor will shift to the lower functional level. This ability to work at different levels makes dual-speed compressors more efficient than single-speed units.
  • Back-up burners: When outdoor temperatures drop to around 32 degrees, heat-pump efficiency drops considerably. Most heat pumps will include a set of electric-resistance coils that generate heat when the heat pump’s efficiency drops. Fuel-based burners supplement the heat that these coils generate and reduce the amount of electricity necessary to produce heat.
  • Scroll compressors: Scroll compressors improve the compression of your heat pump’s refrigerant . They use two spiral-shaped units, or scrolls, to force the refrigerant into progressively smaller areas, which boosts compression. Scroll compressors operate more quietly than regular piston-type units, and typically last longer, as well.
  • Desuperheaters: These devices work during the heat pump’s cooling mode. They capture excess heat, and then use it to warm up water for household use. Desuperheaters can be up to three times more efficient than traditional water heaters.

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