A Home Zoning System: Get in on 5 Perks of Installing One in Your Portland Metro Home

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A Home Zoning System: Get in on 5 Perks of Installing One in Your Portland Metro Home

As an alternative to traditional styles of residential heating and cooling, a home zoning system is a flexible, energy-efficient, and money-saving choice for comfort in your Portland-area home. Zoning systems allow you to section your home into areas that receive more or less conditioning as you desire. Home zoning systems provide five major benefits:

  1. Focused yet flexible heating and cooling:Zoning systems can be used to divide your home into separate areas, or zones, that can be heated or cooled as needed. If your family uses one area or group of rooms more than another, you can use a zoning system to focus conditioning in those areas. If a zone requires more or less conditioning, or no conditioning at all, a zoning system is flexible enough to allow you to adjust to changes in usage.
  2. Customized temperature control: Individual family members can use a zoning system to keep their rooms at the temperatures they prefer. If someone needs more or less heating in their area, for example, the separate thermostats of a zoning system allow this without affecting temperatures in other zones.
  3. Consistent temperatures throughout your home: Home zoning systems are very effective at keeping temperatures consistent in your home, especially if you have a larger home with more than one story or a large floor layout. The customized heating and cooling provided by zoning systems help you maintain reliable and consistent temperatures.
  4. Energy and cost savings: Because a zoning system lets you concentrate heating and cooling where it’s needed, a zoning system can reduce home comfort expenses by up to 25 percent. No energy is wasted heating or cooling an area that isn’t being used.
  5. Improved family harmony: An unexpected but real benefit. With no need to struggle over control of a single thermostat and with individualized temperature settings easily available, family members are less likely to experience conflict over home comfort issues.

Roth Heating & Cooling is the Portland area’s leading source of professional heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical services. Contact us today for more information on zoning systems and the many benefits they can provide for your home and your family.

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