A 3-Step Process To Increasing HVAC Efficiency
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A 3-Step Process To Increasing HVAC Efficiency


Increasing HVAC efficiency is a key part of conserving energy and lowering your energy bills. There are three very effective steps that you can take, including sealing air leaks to prevent energy loss, adding new or additional insulation to your home, and performing regular maintenance on your HVAC equipment so that it runs optimally and efficiently.  

Sealing air leaks

Too many homeowners let money fly out of their homes’ windows. You may not notice air leaks, but they’re there. Search around doors, windows and cracks, in your attic, roof and basement, and around electrical outlets, plumbing pipes and other small openings. Use caulk for small holes and crevices and expanding foam for larger areas that leak. If you’re unsure whether you can locate air leaks successfully, call your HVAC contractor.

Adding insulation

Once the air leaks in your home are sealed up, look toward insulation. The right insulation can help you save 20 percent or more on heating and cooling costs, according to the Energy Star program. The catch is you have to know how to select the right insulation. Make sure you choose insulation with a thermal resistance value of R-38 or higher for the attic and at least R-25 for the floor.

Maintaining HVAC equipment

Your HVAC equipment includes everything from your A/C or furnace to your ducts, vents and thermostat, and they all affect how much you spend on energy.

  • If your A/C equipment is not serviced annually, it will consume much more energy than it should. For example, increasing HVAC efficiency by 35 percent more energy can be as simple as cleaning your evaporator coils. Preventive maintenance will take care of much more.
  • Ducts are more important than you may realize. Faulty ductwork leads to imbalances in airflow, humidity and temperature throughout your house, which means you’ll run your A/C much longer than necessary.

To lower your energy bills by increasing HVAC efficiency, contact Roth Heating & Cooling at (503) 266-1249. With over 35 years of service in Portland and the surrounding areas, we have the expertise to help you maximize your savings.

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