Make Sure That Your A/C Tune-Up Includes An Evaluation Of Airflow And Refrigerant Charge
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Make Sure That Your A/C Tune-Up Includes An Evaluation Of Airflow And Refrigerant Charge


Last summer, the Portland area weather was pretty odd. The heat was slow to arrive but, once it got here, August and September were much hotter than usual. With that late heat came an unexpected rise in energy bills that caught many Portland homeowners by surprise.

This year, you need to prepare your air conditioning (A/C) system (and budget) for any weather conditions that might arise. If you want to stay comfortable and keep your energy bills under control, you definitely should schedule an annual A/C tune-up.

Your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) contractor should inspect every component of your system during your A/C tune-up, but there are two areas in particular that you need to be sure your contractor checks:

  • Airflow: Your A/C needs a set amount of airflow to operate efficiently. When the air supply is insufficient, it puts strain on the other components, and robs your system of efficiency. Your blower, motor, fans, and supply and return ducts all have to work in unison to bring in the necessary air and circulate it well. If one of these components is faulty, it will affect the entire system, and you’ll lose efficiency. HVAC experts have advanced tools for measuring airflow that can pinpoint an airflow problem, and then can repair any issues and return your equipment to peak performance.
  • Refrigerant charge: Checking the charge consists of more than simply ensuring the correct amount of refrigerant. Your contractor also needs to check the pressure inside the system. If either is not at manufacturer-specified levels, an HVAC expert needs to check the entire system for any leaks. Refrigerant is vital to the operation and efficiency of your air conditioner but, more importantly, a refrigerant leak is an environmental hazard, and must be immediately found and fixed.

When your annual A/C tune-up is performed correctly, it will save you money on energy expenses, help you avoid surprise breakdowns and increase the comfort level in your home.

To schedule your air conditioner tune-up, contact Roth Heating & Cooling. With more than 35 years of providing expert HVAC service to residential and commercial customers in Portland and the surrounding areas, we have the expertise and dedication to make sure that all of your HVAC components are working optimally and efficiently all year long.

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