Heat Pump Maintenance — Why It's a Seasonal Concern
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Heat Pump Maintenance — Why It’s a Seasonal Concern


Just like any other piece of heating and cooling equipment, heat pumps need regular tune-ups to operate well. That’s why every season, heat pump maintenance should be your number one concern. And here’s why.

Heat pump maintenance will:

  • Keep the system operating at peak efficiency
  • Turn that peak efficiency into monthly energy savings
  • Help your system last longer
  • Help your contractor find small problems before they turn into larger, costly problems that require a repair

But in order to lock in these benefits, you’ll need to make sure that you schedule heat pump maintenance every spring for cooling service and every fall for heating service.

There are maintenance tasks that a homeowner can and should do. Your seasonal heat pump maintenance checklist should include the following:

  • Check your air filter. Keeping this component clean is important, as it is your system’s first line of defense against dirt build-up. When you start to use your A/C or furnace on a regular basis, check the filter every month and change it as needed.
  • Clean the coils. The outdoor unit’s coils are prone to dirt build-up due to climate factors. You can clean them by gently spraying them with a garden hose or carefully wiping them with a soft cloth.
  • Clear the area. Plants and leaves tend to gather around the outdoor unit, which can block air flow into the system, and it will lead to dirtier coils, too.

When you schedule professional service, your HVAC technician should perform these tasks:

  • Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the entire system, including ducts
  • Test the ducts for any leaks and energy losses
  • Measure the system’s air flow
  • Clean the entire unit, including filters, air handler, coils and compressor
  • Check the unit’s refrigerant charge and test for leakage
  • Test the electric terminals and controls
  • Lubricate the motors
  • Check that the thermostat operates correctly

Guarantee that your system will operate well for as long as possible, and schedule heat pump maintenance every spring and fall. To schedule a service appointment with metro Portland’s leading HVAC contractor, contact Roth Heating & Cooling today!

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