3 HVAC Tips That Can Alleviate Summer Allergies When You’re Indoors

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3 HVAC Tips That Can Alleviate Summer Allergies When You’re Indoors

Summer allergies can be a downright nuisance. They not only lead to bothersome symptoms like a runny nose or stuffed up sinuses, but they can also decrease your quality of life. Cleaning your home is a priority when trying to avoid these issues, and there are several other effective steps to include:

  • Clean often
  • Wash your bedding weekly
  • Dust with a device that utilizes a dust-trapping material
  • Use a vacuum with a sealed container or a HEPA filter
  • Get rid of clutter, so less dust and allergens collect on your home’s surfaces
  • Wash area rugs and draperies

There are other components within your home that can either help or hinder your summer allergies. Taking special attention to these areas can keep your indoor air quality in good shape.

  • Annual HVAC service: If you don’t have preventive maintenance done on a regular basis, dust and allergens can build up inside your air conditioner, which can then be distributed throughout your home.
  • Air filters: While professional service is a must, homeowners can also contribute to maintenance by changing their air filter regularly, typically every one to three months. A clean filter is essential for ensuring that the device can continue to capture allergens.
  • Duct sealing: Your home’s ductwork is another critical component that can help you to minimize symptoms due to summer allergies. If ductwork leaks, it can draw outdoor allergens into your home, as well as pull dust and dirt from other areas, including your attic, basement and garage.

For the best control over indoor air quality, use these tips to give summer allergies the boot. For more information about indoor air quality, or any other heating and cooling concerns you may have, contact Roth Heating & Cooling today! We serve homeowners throughout the Portland metro area.

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