Routine Filter Maintenance — a Small Effort That Yields Large Results

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Routine Filter Maintenance — a Small Effort That Yields Large Results

If you want your heating and cooling equipment to run efficiently and last for years, routine filter maintenance is your key. Dirt takes a substantial toll on the parts inside your air handler, all of which is preventable when you change or clean the filters on a routine basis.

Most of the dirt inside the air handler enters through the filter. When dirt and debris build, the fan sucks some of it through the filter, where some of it may deposit itself on the evaporator coil or the heat exchanger. Dirty filters also slow the air going over the parts, lowering their efficiency.

If you use a gas furnace in the Portland area, keeping the heat exchanger clean prolongs its life. When the exchangers are covered with dirt, the air blowing over it doesn’t pick up as much heat, which causes the part to overheat. This oxidizes the heat exchanger too, which can cause cracks. A cracked heat exchanger emits carbon monoxide and must be repaired or replaced, an avoidable expense with routine filter maintenance.

In the summer, your heat pump or air conditioner sends coolant through the evaporator coil. When these coils have too much dirt on them and the airflow is too slow, the coolant in the coil can’t evaporate. Not only is your cooling compromised, but when the coolant returns to the outdoor condenser, it’s still in a liquid state. This can cause the parts within the compressor to malfunction, resulting in replacement or a costly repair.

Clean filters help you breathe better indoors. Depending on the MERV rating of your filters, particles like dust, pollen, dander and dust mites don’t enter your home through the ductwork, helping anyone with allergies or asthma. MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value, and it indicates the size of particles that the filter can trap. Higher numeric MERV filters trap smaller particles, but care needs to be taken when installing higher-rated filters because they may slow the airflow.

Contact Roth Heating & Cooling for more information about the best filters for your system along with the benefits of routine filter maintenance.

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