Don’t Make A Big-Ticket A/C Upgrade Without Expert Advice
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Don’t Make A Big-Ticket A/C Upgrade Without Expert Advice


Although the worst of the summer heat is still a ways off, it pays to start early when you’re considering an A/C upgrade. These big-ticket items are complex machines and may be one of the most expensive systems you have in your home. Air conditioners also come with an array of options that an HVAC expert can tell you about, increasing your comfort while lowering your utility bill. Relying on the expertise of an HVAC contractor assures you that you’ll get the right system for your home for years of dependable comfort.


HVAC technicians have access to a formula called Manual J to find the proper size for your A/C upgrade. This tool takes into account your:

  • Cubic footage you want to cool.
  • Insulation levels.
  • Windows and their efficiency, as well as orientation to the sun.
  • Outdoor landscaping.
  • Appliances inside the livable area of your home and the heat they generate.
  • Air infiltration.
  • Number of occupants.
  • Lifestyle considerations.
  • Preferred indoor temperature.

Sizing is important because putting in too large a system causes it to run in short cycles more frequently throughout the day. When this happens, your electric bill rises, humidity stays higher indoors and not as much air filtration takes place. If the system is too small, you may not be comfortably cool.


All reputable air conditioning manufacturers require that their systems be installed by licensed HVAC technicians to maintain the warranty. Central air conditioners operate under high voltage and use coolants regulated by the government, many of which require a license to handle. When you’re considering an A/C upgrade, you’ll also want to know that a professional HVAC contractor provides an installation warranty for the new equipment.


Besides professional installation, your warranty may require specific and periodic maintenance by a licensed provider. Even without the warranty considerations, regular maintenance keeps the equipment operating at peak performance, saving your energy dollars.

Roth Heating & Cooling serves the Portland area. We’ve been helping homeowners make good choices about A/C upgrades since 1976. If you would like more information about a new system for your home, please contact us at (503) 266-1249.

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