Optimize Your HVAC System For Energy Efficiency
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Optimize Your HVAC System For Energy Efficiency


One of the most obvious reasons to optimize your HVAC system is to increase energy efficiency and enjoy lower your utility bills. As an added benefit, by taking care of your equipment, optimizing your ductwork and using thermostat settings to their fullest potential, you can also enjoy increased comfort and contribute to a cleaner environment. It’s not difficult to get the most out of your HVAC system. You simply need to know a few tricks.

  • Take care of your equipment: This is the foremost place to attempt greater energy savings. First, choose efficient equipment with an Energy Star rating. Then, schedule yearly tuneups. Routine maintenance performed by a technician annually could reduce your heating and cooling costs by 10 percent or more. Finally, on your own, you can replace furnace and air conditioner air filters to keep the HVAC system running well. Check the filter every month and change it if it looks dirty. Filters are typically meant to last for up to three months.
  • Seal and insulate ductwork: Leaky ductwork can account for 25 percent or more of conditioned-air loss. Fortunately, it’s relatively inexpensive to fix the problem, and the investment eventually pays for itself in energy savings. First, fix any disconnected duct joints. You could be wasting a significant amount of money annually because of gaps in ductwork. Next, have a technician seal any cracks with mastic compound. Finally, install insulation to achieve R-6 or higher insulating value.
  • Use programmable thermostat settings properly: If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, replace your outdated manual unit with a programmable one as soon as possible. This allows you to adjust the temperature when you’re away or sleeping. Remember, if you feel chilly, increase the temperature by a degree or two instead of cranking it way up. The temperature will increase just as fast, and you’ll prevent overheating your home and wasting money.

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