Insulation Options And Their Proper Applications

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Insulation Options And Their Proper Applications

It is no secret that one key way to cut your energy bill is to properly insulate your home. While most homeowners know the general benefits of insulation, not all are aware of the different types and where they work best.

Unfinished Walls

The following type of insulation are best used for unfinished walls:

  • Blanket batts and rolls, rigid foam board, reflective system: These also can be used on foundation walls, floors and ceilings. Blanket batts and rolls are do-it-yourself-friendly. Foam board can also be used on unvented, low-sloped roofs.
  • Concrete block insulation: Best used for new-construction homes or homes undergoing major renovations.
  • Insulating concrete forms (ICFs): ICFs are mostly used for new-construction walls, including foundation walls.
  • Structural insulated panels (SIPs): Ideally used to insulate new-construction walls, ceilings, floors and roofs.

Enclosed Walls

The following types of insulation are best used in enclosed walls.

  • Loose-fill: Used on existing walls, walls with new openings, difficult-to-reach places or unfinished attic floors.
  • Sprayed foam and foamed-in-place: Primarily used for existing walls or walls with open cavities and unfinished attic floors. Also, enclosed existing walls, open new wall cavities or unfinished attic floors.
  • Rigid fibrous or fiber insulation: Typically used in ducts in non-air conditioned places. It’s also used in places that need insulation to be able to stand high temperatures.

Insulating your home is a good first step toward energy savings. For help deciding which type works best for you, contact the experts at Roth Heating & Cooling.

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