Power Outages — Preparing Your Family
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Power Outages — Preparing Your Family


When power outages occur, especially in the winter, you may have to scramble to explain the situation to your children and give them the tools to help navigate the situation. A power failure that occurs at night can stress young children, but if they have ready access to flashlights, a few food treats and activities to keep them busy, you can ease them through the challenges.

  • Keep a flashlight in each bedroom and one in the room you most often use. You’ll also need backup fresh batteries. Tell your kids where the flashlight is and remind them about it occasionally. When they awaken in the dark, they’ll be able to find their way around.
  • Store extra food in the pantry so you don’t need to access your refrigerator or freezer. Dried beverage mixes, canned food and a few of your children’s favorite snacks can keep them from asking for refrigerated food. Using an insulated cooler for the items your family can’t do without on a daily basis helps keep the remaining refrigerator and freezer food colder.
  • Investigate an alternative way to heat your home in the winter. Power outages are most serious when the weather is cold. Tent or ventless heaters do not emit as much carbon monoxide, since their combustion is nearly 100 percent complete. When using these, follow the manufacturer’s directions and precautions carefully.
  • Turn off your heating and cooling equipment. When the power returns, surges can damage the equipment.
  • Dress the kids in wool socks, sweaters and hats if the house becomes uncomfortably cool. Layering their clothing keeps them warmer than one single, heavy layer.
  • Insulate your attic and seal any air leaks between your home’s exterior and the interior. A well-sealed home is more comfortable and reduces your energy bills throughout the year.
  • Learn to turn off your water and drain the pipes in the event of a long outage in the winter to keep pipes from bursting if temperatures are going to drop below freezing.

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