The Energy Efficiency Of Your Heat Pump — What Makes It Possible?
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The Energy Efficiency Of Your Heat Pump — What Makes It Possible?


Heat pumps offer homeowners a practical and efficient way to heat and cool their homes. Air-source heat pumps obtain efficiencies of about 300 percent (and more with advanced features), while geothermal heat pumps reach upwards of 600 percent efficiency, since they extract and release heat from a source with consistent temperatures (the Earth).

To reap the rewards of heat-pump efficiency, there are preventive and proactive measures to take regarding correct refrigerant operation, ductwork sealing and airflow and regular service for your system.

Sealing And Airflow

The indoor and outdoor fans on a heat-pump system must rotate at just the right speed for maximum efficiency. The heat exchangers and coils need to be cleaned and free of debris to allow the air to circulate. Ductwork design is key to efficient and even heating and cooling in your home. Leakage, damage, inadequate insulation, and obstructions all play a role in efficient ductwork design. Improper design accounts for 30 percent of heating and cooling losses in the typical home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy and industry statistics.

Maintaining Refrigerant Efficiency

Now that your ductwork is sealed obtaining optimal airflow, accurate refrigerant measurements can be taken. Refrigerant is the component of the heat-pump system that transports heat to and from your home for heating and cooling. Any leakage in the heat exchangers, coils, valves and connections must be repaired. Refrigerant must be charged to near-exact equipment specifications for proper efficiency and equipment longevity.

Regular Service

Just like any other machinery, regular service for your heat pump is paramount for energy efficiency, avoiding untimely repairs, equipment longevity and for providing your family with optimal comfort. Your heat pump is likely the most sophisticated and important system in your home. Taking regular care of it will absolutely serve your family down the road.

If you would like to speak to a heating and cooling professional about a precision tuneup for your heat-pump system, contact us at Roth Heating & Cooling. We’ve kept Portland-area residents comfortable for more than 35 years.

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