Use A Heat-Pump Thermostat Effectively By Following These 3 Tips

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Use A Heat-Pump Thermostat Effectively By Following These 3 Tips

Heat pumps are an affordable, energy-efficient way to heat and cool a home. But as with any system, they have unique features that must be understood in order to maximize energy savings. Heat-pump thermostats, for example, operate differently than their traditional forced-air counterparts. Knowing this will ensure that your system runs smoothly, without sacrificing your family’s comfort or increasing your next utility bill.

Don’t Change Manual Thermostats

Many heat-pump thermostats, particularly older models, are manual, meaning you can’t program them to automatically change the temperature. If you have a manual thermostat, it’s best to pick a reasonable temperature for your home and just leave it at that setting, day and night. Because heat pumps are slow to recover from a temperature setback, changing a manual thermostat regularly will force the system to rely on the backup heat source to reach the desired temperature settings. That can increase your energy costs and negate the inherent efficiency of the system.

Pick The Right Programmable Thermostat

If you’d like to add a programmable thermostat to your heat pump, be sure to select the right one for the job. You must select a programmable thermostat designed for use specifically with heat pumps. The best models have a feature that prevents the backup heat source from running during setback recovery. Instead, the system starts the recovery process earlier, giving the heat pump plenty of time to work without increasing energy costs.

Take Advantage of New Features

The latest programmable heat-pump thermostats use “adaptive intelligent recovery” during setback recovery. These thermostats take temperature readings from the home’s air, walls, even furniture and eventually “learn” how long it takes your particular home to reach the programmed temperature setting. Using intelligent design, these thermostats provide customized heating solutions and avoid using backup heat sources.

At Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services, our team of technicians has a world of experience with heat pumps and heat-pump thermostats. Make sure that your thermostat is up to the task. Let us help you select and install the right thermostat for your heating and cooling system. Contact us today.

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