If Inconsistent Room-To-Room Temperatures Are The Problem, Zoning Systems Are The Solution

If your house has rooms that are consistently warmer or cooler than others and never at the temperature set by your thermostat, you could benefit from zoned temperature control. It’s a heating and cooling alternative that helps you save money and keep everyone in your house happy.

Most homes have an air system that is controlled by a single thermostat.  The idea is that you set the temperature and then shortly after, every part of your home is comfortable. Unfortunately there are many things that can prevent this from happening. The air that is being distributed may get stuck in an area like a vaulted ceiling or recessed lighting that keeps your air system from working efficiently. Cool air often settles, preventing rooms on the second floor from ever getting as cool as other places. Windows allow heat to transfer in and out, especially when they are facing the sun.

Zoned temperature control works around these problems by establishing zones throughout your house that are each controlled by a different thermostat. Because they are responsible for controlling the temperature in just one area, they are more able to overcome the natural obstacles that cause fluctuations in consistency.

Multiple thermostats also make it easier for everyone in your house to be comfortable. Rather than having the same temperature everywhere, people in different zones can set it to whatever they want. For instance, mom can keep the study a few degrees warmer than the living room, where dad is, while the kids play upstairs in an even cooler area.

Zoning systems can be installed very quickly and easily. There is very little equipment necessary to convert your current system to a zoning system. New thermostats, dampers, a control panel and possibly some ductwork modification are the only things that have to be taken care of during an installation.

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