A/C Preventive Maintenance Now, No Worries Later

Before summer sets in, the best thing Portland residents can do for their A/C systems is a little preventative maintenance. Neglect is the No. 1 reason air-conditioning systems break down. Neglecting your equipment can lead to poor performance, lower efficiency and premature failure, leaving you sweating and stuck with expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance by a professional technician can not only keep your A/C unit running all season, but actually increase its life span.

You probably keep up with preventative maintenance on your vehicle, with regular oil changes and seasonal tuneups. After all, you rely on your vehicle every day and wouldn’t want it to break down. Your air-conditioning system will be used daily, as well, but because it does most of its work behind the scenes, it’s easier to overlook. However, a little seasonal maintenance and cleaning will go a long way toward ensuring its continued performance, and can even lengthen its life span by 30 percent.

A professional technician can give you peace of mind by informing you of any issues before they turn into costly repairs. Issues a technician can address include:

  • Measuring for the correct voltage and electrical current levels on the AC motor. Faulty connections can reduce the performance and life span of your system.
  • Cleaning the AC evaporator coil and condenser coil, so that your system doesn’t run too long. If your A/C runs longer than an appropriate cycle, it can overwork itself. That’s bad for the equipment and for your wallet.
  • Checking A/C refrigerant. Refrigerant levels should not fluctuate much, so if they are too high or low, you may have a malfunction or leak. Due to the chemicals and high pressure levels that can be involved, it’s a good idea to have trained professionals service your system.
  • Cleaning your filters or replacing them. A clogged air filter can restrict air flow, which reduces your comfort, air quality and your system’s performance.

Call Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical at (503) 994-9924 to schedule preventative maintenance for your air conditioner before the heat sets in. We’ll keep you comfortable all season!