Know The Lifespan Of Your Air Filter

Even though your air conditioning may be running, it doesn’t mean that it is running as efficiently as it should be. There are a number of things that can cause reduced efficiency, but one of the simplest ways to keep things running smoothly is to know how long the air filter will last and to maintain it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Dirty air filters block regular airflow within the system, which means your HVAC equipment needs to work harder to circulate the air. The air filter is located in the furnace, or air handler, usually near where the ductwork connects to the unit. The outside A/C unit does not have a filter that needs to be changed.

It is important to follow your heating and cooling equipment’s manufacturer guidelines when buying an air filter because not all air filters are created equal. Your filter should match your furnace blower’s output capacity.

You should also know the guidelines for the air filter itself. Some need to be changed every month, some every 2-3 months, and there are non-disposable filters that you can wash instead of replace. You should clean the non-disposable air filters every month. During periods of heavy use, you may need to clean the air filter more often to maintain optimum efficiency.

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