Get To The Source Of Bad Air With Indoor Air Quality Testing

Your home’s indoor air quality is a vital component to a comfortable living space. Breathing in bad air on a regular basis can cause a ton of health problems. According to the National Safety Council, we spend 65 percent of our time inside our own homes. By ensuring that the air we breath while indoors is clean and fresh, we help provide our family with a healthy living environment.Bad indoor air quality can be caused by mold, pet dander, plant pollen and a host of other things. By testing the air quality in your home, you can learn valuable information on how you can improve the indoor air you breathe. If you gain the knowledge necessary to improve your home’s air quality, you can understand what kind of problems your house has and how you can deal with those problems and prevent them from occurring again.

An HVAC professional uses equipment specially designed to measure the amount and types of irritants that might be causing allergies or other issues. The readings may be conducted over the course of a few days to ensure an accurate picture of what’s going on inside your air.

What will results show? Well, different tests measure humidity, mold levels and the amount of particles in the air. Tests can determine the carbon monoxide levels in your air and screen for other gases.

After the tests are run, your air-quality expert will provide you with the solutions that will help you improve your home’s air quality. He or she can also give you some energy-saving tips that will allow you to reduce the price of your monthly utility bills.

Bad air quality can turn into a major problem if not corrected. Don’t let bad air quality ruin you or your family’s health. Contact the professionals at Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical today at (503) 994-9924 to set up an indoor air quality test. It will be one of the best investments you make.