Start Lowering Your Heating Load Today For Energy Savings Over The Long Term

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Start Lowering Your Heating Load Today For Energy Savings Over The Long Term

Did you know the biggest consumer of energy in your home is your heating system? It uses more energy than your air conditioner or water heater. That’s why decreasing the demand on your heating system should be a top priority as you head into the coldest months of the year.

Here are some tips for lowering your heating load and saving money:

  • Insulation: The most important step is to properly insulate your attic because hot air rises and will escape your home if your insulation is insufficient. You also need to insulate your hot water pipes, ductwork, electrical outlets, plumbing and possibly your exterior walls and garage.
  • Increase solar gain: Insulation keeps heat in but you also need to allow additional heat in from outside. This means opening drapes or blinds and trimming trees to allow sunlight in during daylight hours.
  • Seal air leaks: Start by sealing and caulking your windows, doors, holes and any other areas where you notice a draft entering the home. HVAC contractors have infrared sensors, blowers and other equipment that help you find all these leaks and seal them tightly.
  • Upgrade lighting and appliances: Inefficient lighting, appliances and electronics can give off a lot of heat. You may think this will help lower the heating load on your HVAC system but, in reality, it causes unbalance in your interior temperature which makes air feel stuffy and uncomfortable.
  • Control ventilation: Assess the condition of your ventilation system to ensure it is properly removing humidity and maintaining air quality without allowing large amounts of cold air into your home.

Lowering the heating load is also extremely beneficial if you are looking to upgrade your HVAC equipment. Equipment that is too large for your home is inefficient so it’s best to lower the demand, find your true needs and then size your new equipment appropriately. Not to mention, these improvements lower your cooling load during the summer.

To have an expert help you find opportunities to decrease your heating load, contact the friendly pros at (503) 266-1249.

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