Home Insulating: How To Pick The Right Product For Your Particular Project
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Home Insulating: How To Pick The Right Product For Your Particular Project


Most Portland residents realize the importance of home insulating for energy savings. But did you know that the type of insulation you use is equally important? Each insulation type is designed to work for a specific purpose. Using the wrong kind of insulation for the job will reduce the efficiency and insulating power of your home, wasting money and energy. Avoid common insulation problems by using the correct form of insulation for your project.

  • Insulating unfinished walls: The best kind of insulation for this project is insulation made from foam board, reflective system insulation, insulating concrete forms or batt insulation.
  • Insulating floors and ceilings: Batt insulation is ideal for insulating floors and ceilings. You can also use blown-in insulation, such as mineral wool and vermiculite pellets. Foam board can also work in some wall and floor insulation.
  • Insulating the attic: Attic insulation has a wide variety of insulation options. Fiberglass batt and loose insulation, such as mineral wool, are two of the most commonly used forms of attic insulation. You can also use spray-foam insulation on unfinished attic floors.
  • Insulating existing cavities: Insulating existing cavities in walls, ceilings and floors can be somewhat difficult. The best kind of insulation to use that will produce the least amount of disruption is spray-foam insulation. You can also use loose-fill insulation in existing cavities, such as cellulose and mineral wool.
  • Insulating the roof: Roof insulation is often used as an alternative to attic floor insulation, often when attics are finished. Roofs benefit the most from structural insulated panels or rigid foam board insulation.
  • Insulating ducts: It is necessary to insulate ducts when they run through uninsulated areas of the home, such as in the crawlspace under the house. The best kind of insulation for ducts is rigid fiber insulation or rigid foam board.

For more information about home insulating and the benefits of each type of insulation for your Oregon home, contact us at (503) 266-1249. We provide Portland residents with year-round expert HVAC and insulation service and can answer any questions you have.

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