Cold And Flu Season Is Coming: Let UV Lights Boost Your Resistance
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Cold And Flu Season Is Coming: Let UV Lights Boost Your Resistance


Colds and flu are just part of the season for many here in the Portland area and around the country. Even if you rarely suffer from these illnesses, it pays to do all you can to prevent even one uncomfortable, inconvenient occurrence. Ultraviolet (UV) lighting included in modern home comfort systems is one of the latest innovations that can help keep cold/flu bugs at bay. Certain UV frequencies now used in germicidal UV lights are able to reduce the spread of bacteria to help protect your family, and your heating and cooling equipment, from harm.

Of course most of us associate UV rays with the negative aspects of sun exposure, such as sunburn or skin cancer. The frequency used in UV germicidal lights has been shown to be safe when used in home comfort equipment. A 2003 study conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and another in the UK in 2009, found that ventilation plus UV germicidal lighting work together to get rid of airborne tuberculosis-like bacteria or render it inactive better than either system alone. Humidity was also found to be a factor that can limit germ growth if kept at a low to moderate level.

The portion of the light spectrum used in air cleaners and purifiers is deadly to the growth cycle of mold and germs. It renders bacteria inactive in circulated air and especially those found on nearby equipment surfaces. This means that unhealthy buildup is discouraged from circulating in your home’s air, lowering your indoor air quality and damaging your heating/cooling system.

Remember that air purification systems with UV lights and filters don’t protect you from potentially deadly, invisible gases like radon and carbon monoxide (CO). You must install CO, radon (as well as smoke) alarms to warn of dangers as well as having your home comfort system checked regularly for leaks.

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