Make Sure Your Funrace Is Ready For The Cold, Schedule Preventive Maintenance Now
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Make Sure Your Furnace Is Ready For The Cold, Schedule Preventive Maintenance Now


Fall is the ideal time to make sure your furnace is ready for the winter, because the really cold temperatures haven’t yet arrived. Maintenance will ensure your heating system won’t break down as you begin to use it more and more, and it will keep your energy costs down. The longer you put off your furnace maintenance, the more likely you are to regret it.

Preventive maintenance includes a detailed cleaning of all the components in your furnace, great and small. Moving parts get lubricated, to reduce unnecessary friction that can damage parts. Any components that look deteriorated or worn down get replaced before they can become problematic. The gas connections will also be secured to ensure there are no harmful gas leaks.

There are a number of other things your HVAC technician will do to ensure your furnace will stay in top shape and provide ample warmth all winter long:

  • Check the heat exchanger for cracks
  • Unclog the condensate drain
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Make sure the burner is operating properly
  • Calibrate the limit controls

In addition to having a professional HVAC technician inspect your furnace, there are things you can do yourself to keep it in optimal working order.  Replacing your furnace filters is as easy to do as it is to completely forget about but it is a very important step that should not be neglected. When debris is allowed to accumulate for too long, it will form a compact mat that air can’t get through easily. This forces your air system to use more energy to push it through.

You can tell if you need to replace your furnace filter by holding it up between you and a light. If you can still see the outline of the bulb, it does not yet need to be replaced. You will need to replace it more often if you smoke in your house or have pets.

To schedule furnace maintenance that will save you money and help extend the longevity of your furnace, contact Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services today. We have served Portland since 1976.

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