An Energy Evaluation Today Can Save You Significantly Over The Long Term
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An Energy Evaluation Today Can Save You Significantly Over The Long Term


An energy evaluation can help find spots in your home where you are losing conditioned air — which causes you to overpay on your energy costs.  Identifying and addressing these problem spots will help lower your expenses for years to come and can be especially useful before you upgrade to a new HVAC system. Have a professional energy auditor inspect your home to create significant savings in the long term.

An energy auditor will start by asking you about specific comfort problems you have been experiencing, so be sure to mention anything that has been bothering you. They will inspect your house both inside and outside for areas they think could be problematic.

A commonly used method for finding air leaks is the blower door test. A large fan gets mounted to an outside door and turned on to suck air out of your house. This causes the air pressure to drop, attracting outside air in. A smoke pencil will help the auditor see the spots where air is infiltrating in.

Thermographic scans are also used. Using infrared video, they are able to locate spots where the temperature is inconsistent with the rest of the house. This could be a sign of inadequate insulation.

If you are considering a new HVAC system you should get an energy evaluation to help reduce the upfront costs of your equipment. The improvements you make can lower your energy needs, meaning you can buy a smaller and more affordable system that will still be able to adequately keep your house comfortable. Many recommendations put forth by your energy auditor are simple and quite affordable and they can end up saving you a good deal of money.

One common solution is to add weatherstripping around doors and windows to keep out air. Plastic insulation over your windows also helps with this. Duct sealing is an important strategy that helps you direct more of your conditioned air into your living spaces rather than allowing it to escape before getting to your supply vents.

If you think you could benefit from an energy evaluation, contact Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services today. We have performed energy evaluations for Portland residents since 1976.

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