Weatherstripping: An Inexpensive But Very Effective Way To Lower Your Utility Bills
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Weatherstripping: An Inexpensive But Very Effective Way To Lower Your Utility Bills


As you gather your gloves, scarves and heavy coats in preparation for winter in the Portland area, you should also prepare your home. Around windows and doors that do not close tightly, cold air may be entering your home. Weatherstripping is an inexpensive way to keep the cold outside and the warm inside.

There are several different kinds of weatherstripping that have various benefits:

  • The easiest and usually least expensive weatherstripping is adhesive-backed foam strips. Use this on edges of windows where there is no sliding up-and-down or back-and-forth movement. Adhesive strips work best on the bottom or top of a vertically opening window or the outside edges of a horizontal window. These foam strips also work well on the wooden door stop on non-sliding doors.
  • There are also adhesive-backed v-shaped vinyl strips. These can be used along the top, bottom and sides of the window. V-shaped vinyl strips attach to the window frame and compress when the window closes.
  • Spring-metal v-strips are also available in aluminum, bronze or copper and last longer than vinyl strips. These need to be nailed in place, making them a little more difficult to install. Spring-metal v-strips work well along the sides and top of a door frame.
  • Another type of weatherstripping is felt strips. Felt works well but must be nailed, glued or stapled around the window or door edges.
  • To block any draft that may be entering under a door, you can install a door sweep. This attaches to the bottom of the door and forms a draft barrier at the threshold.

Other places to consider weatherstripping:  

  • Apply adhesive-backed foam strips around all the edges of your attic access door.
  • Seal around openings where electricity and plumbing come into your home with adhesive-backed foam or expanding spray foam.
  • Inexpensive foam gaskets can be placed behind electrical outlet covers.

Remember, wherever the cold air can enter, the warm air can escape. Warming air is expensive, so your money is also escaping out the windows or doors. The experts at Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services will be happy to help you find and eliminate any escape routes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or get more information.

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