Your Fall To-Do List: Check Your Duct-work And Vents For Seven Common Problems
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Your Fall To-Do List: Check Your Duct-work And Vents For Seven Common Problems


Before autumn fades and the chill of another Oregon winter season is upon you, be certain to check your duct-work and vents for common heating problems before you turn up the thermometer.

Seven common duct-work and vent problems to look for include:

  1. Indoor air pollution: Caused by the accumulation of dust, pollen and other debris in your ductwork and vents, especially for pet owners and homes located near major freeways, dirt roads and on or near farms and fields.
  2. Microbiological growth: More commonly referred to as mold or mildew. The presence of moisture is the usual culprit. Notice any unusual odors in your home? Is anyone having health concerns? Recent water damage or plumbing leaks? These are all good reasons to look for microbiological growth. Normal condensation may also account for the presence of mold.
  3. Rodents and pests: Ductwork runs underneath homes, in attics and other areas outside of your home’s weatherstripped barrier. Rodents and insects will seek out a cozy winter hideaway if there are holes or areas missing tight seals.
  4. Ductwork leaks: Over time duct adhesive can dry up and fall off. The leaky ducts cause heat loss during the winter months and drive up electrical bills. Heat loss percentage tests can detect this problem.
  5. Loose connections and joints: A loose or disconnected joint can cause a significant loss of heat delivery to your home as warm air flows under or outside your home instead of inside. Watch for particularly cold rooms in winter.
  6. Damaged ductwork: Ductwork can suffer damages over time due to home repairs or remodel projects. Ducts can rip and become kinked or flattened. Repair or replace faulty ducts.
  7. Insulation: Ducts conduct heat easily and should be properly insulated to retain heat. Ducts in crawlspaces, attics and garages are prone to conduction problems.

For optimal heating system performance, schedule a professional HVAC company to perform a home duct cleaning and inspection — then harvest your energy savings.

From Vancouver to Salem, Hillsboro to Bend, Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services has you covered. Contact our trained professional staff for more information.

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