Tucking In Your Air Conditioner For Its Cool-Weather Hibernation
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Tucking In Your Air Conditioner For Its Cool-Weather Hibernation


It’s about time to turn off the air conditioner and prepare for the cold months. In caring for the air-conditioning unit, always make sure to read the manual instructions first. Read on for tips on winterizing your outdoor unit:

  • Get a tune-up. You want a professional to make sure things are running smoothly and to fix anything that is broken.
  • You may want to gently brush any dirt or other debris off your unit to avoid it getting in the unit.
  • Having a canopy will help keep rain and snow out of the unit. Make sure the canopy is not touching the unit and that it is well grounded. The canopy touching it may cause moisture to build up and drop into the unit. Then you would have rusted parts in need of servicing.

For your indoor-window mounted air conditioner:

  • Drain the water reservoir if necessary.
  • Wash and dry the faceplate.
  • You need to remove and replace the filter or wash the filter. The filter may need to dry overnight.
  • Wipe the coils and the outside.
  • If anything appears rusted or broken, contact a professional repair person or company.
  • Store your unit in a place where it will stay dry and will not fall.

For your floor or stand-alone unit:

  • Drain the water reservoir.
  • Wash and dry the filter.
  • Retract the vents.
  • Store your remote in a place you won’t forget and remove the batteries before you store it away. Batteries can break down and ruin your remote.
  • If anything sounds or looks amiss, call a professional for help.

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