Air-Source Heat Pump Options You Should Know Before Upgrading
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Air-Source Heat Pump Options You Should Know Before Upgrading


Heat pumps can act as both furnace and air conditioner in moderate climates like ours here in the Portland area of Oregon. These versatile systems are known for ultra-efficient operation because they work by moving heat rather than burning fuel to create heat.

As needed, the heat pump uses just a bit of energy to cause a switch in the natural tendency of heat, which is to move from a warm location such as the ground or air to a cooler location like your house. Air-source pumps are the most commonly used, taking outdoor heat and running it through reversible refrigerant coils. 

The efficiency of this type of system means you will save a significant amount of money on monthly utilities. Here’s an outline of the different types of air-source pumps that you might consider for you home:

Single unit

Some larger air-source heat pump systems are contained in one unit holding all the refrigerant-filled coils, installed on the roof and connected to the home or building’s duct system.

Split systems

Home systems, however, are typically split systems with inside and outside components connected through a wall. Inside, one or more indoor components distribute the heated or cooled air. No ducts are needed for this type of system.

Absorption systems

Another air-source type is the absorption pump, running on natural gas, propane, solar energy or geothermal water sources. Absorption pumps can be useful for large homes. Unlike a standard air-source pump, which compresses the refrigerant, an absorption pump absorbs ammonia into water, and pressurizes it. The ammonia is then boiled out of the water, and the process repeats.

If you’d like to know more about economical air-source heat pumps, contact the experts at Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services. We’ve been in business since 1976 serving the complete home comfort needs of Portland area residents. We’ll be happy to explain all the options that fit your needs and property layout – contact us today!

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