Zoning Systems Increase Comfort and Efficiency
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Zoning Systems Increase Comfort and Efficiency


Are your bathrooms too cold and kitchen too hot?  Trying to control temperatures in each room by adjusting a single thermostat, adding space heaters and opening windows can be frustrating and costly at the same time.  Retrofitting your existing system with zoning may be the solution to ideal comfort, efficiency and savings.  This puts you in command of temperatures in areas of the home that you have designated as “zones.”

Many modern homes are built with zoning systems.  These same systems are available for older homes by adding thermostats and modifying ductwork to include dampers in your existing heating and air conditioning unit.  A centrally located control panel is the brain that receives signals from thermostats and sends signals to dampers. 

Zoned thermostats are programmed at the control panel.  For instance, the living room represents “zone 1” which is set to 72 degrees while an unoccupied upstairs bedroom “zone 2” is set to 68 degrees.  When the temperature in zone 1 falls below 72 degrees, the thermostat in zone 1 sends a signal to the control panel telling it to send more heat to that zone.  It works the same for air conditioning.  When the temperature rises above a preset temperature, a signal is sent indicating more cool air is needed for that zone.

Homes with lofts, vaulted ceilings, finished basements, solariums, sun rooms and large open areas can benefit greatly from zoning systems. Family members may have different comfort needs, too.  You may want warmer rooms for infants or the elderly and cooler rooms that receive a lot of sunlight.

Some options available for zoning systems include programmable features for automatically adjusting temperatures for nights, while away at work or on vacation.  

Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services experts are ready to retrofit your home with a zoning system.  Portland’s top heating and cooling professionals can handle any job, big or small.

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