Get Fresh Air With Ventilation Systems
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Get Fresh Air With Ventilation Systems


A complete and well-maintained ventilation system is vital to keeping your indoor air quality high and avoiding the many chronic health problems that can result from long-term exposure to indoor pollution. Ventilation systems consist of uptake and exhaust fans, ceiling fans to promote air circulation, air purification systems and duct networks, as well as the system operation controls.

Uptake and exhaust fans that actively suck up air in specific rooms and eject it out of your home are very important in rooms that see a lot of moisture, and parts of your home where appliances give off noxious or toxic byproducts. Installing these fans in your laundry room, boiler room, kitchen and bathrooms will go a long way towards maintaining optimal indoor air quality, keeping humidity at an acceptable level and getting rid of radon and carbon monoxide gas buildups.

Ceiling fans, especially those with variable speeds, are ideal for circulating the fresh air you bring in by opening your windows. It’s also important to maintain clean, sealed and insulated ducts and debris-free registers to make sure you aren’t blowing pollutants into your rooms. It’s best to schedule regular duct cleanings with a reputable provider of HVAC maintenance services, ideally on a seasonal basis. Also make sure to change your furnace and air conditioner filters at the end of each heating or cooling season.

Introducing fresh air to your home is a vital part of the ventilation process. Open your windows and use your fans to replace the stale air in the rooms throughout your home with fresh outdoor air. Ideally, every room in your home should have a fan that can help move old air out and circulate the fresh air coming in.

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