Humidity Control Means Comfort During A Portland Winter
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Humidity Control Means Comfort During A Portland Winter


Are you really comfortable in your home in winter, or is it just too dry?  To maintain a comfortable level of humidity in your home, especially in the winter, consider one of our whole house humidification systems that attach to your HVAC system and automatically monitor and correct the level of moisture in your air.  You will be most comfortable when the indoor relative humidity is in the range of 30 to 50 percent.

Humidity control is always tough when there is a significant difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures. Colder air carries less moisture and warmer air requires more moisture. As outdoor air enters your home during colder months and is warmed by your HVAC system, the indoor air becomes drier.  Even though Portland has a temperate climate, winter temperatures are cold enough to create a significant difference between indoor and outdoor readings and we do see serious humidification problems here in our area.

What sort of problems does dry air create for you and your family?

  • It affects your health.  Drier air affects your breathing, gives you a sore throat, impacts your respiratory system, makes your skin dry and makes you feel less comfortable overall.
  • Drier air will affect anything in your home that is made of wood, including furniture, floors and paneling.  Wood products will contract causing cracks and loose fittings, sometimes ruining some pieces.
  • Drier air causes static electricity, shocking you and your family when you touch metal or other conductors.

We can help you solve these wintertime problems with one of our humidification systems and make you and your family more comfortable during an Oregon winter.  Our humidification systems attach directly to your HVAC system with a connection to the water in your home.  They continuously monitor the humidity in your home and add moisture as it is needed.  You and your family will immediately feel the comfort that our systems will bring you.

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