Your Furnace Needs An Annual Maintenance Check

Is your furnace operating safely and efficiently? At the start of each heating season it’s important to get a heating tune-up to make sure that your furnace is ready to go. A dirty system can drive up your energy costs and threaten the life of your equipment, leading to expensive repairs.

When our heating and cooling experts perform your annual heating tune-up, they start by checking for dangerous gas leaks and carbon monoxide emissions. We make sure that the system is being properly vented outside your home and that the condensate drain is clear. The filter is inspected to make sure that air is flowing properly to your unit and that the blower and motor are cleaned of any dirt. The burners are cleaned and adjusted as well to insure that the system is operating to maximum efficiency.

Electrical connections are tightened where needed and all moving parts are lubricated to preserve the life of your furnace. With special infrared cameras, our trained technicians go inside your furnace to make sure that the heat exchanger is not cracked or damaged in any way.

Once the safety issues are addressed, we make sure your home will remain comfortable all winter. The thermostat is looked at to make sure that the furnace is cycling on and off properly. Our technicians will take readings in various rooms of your home to make sure that the proper temperature change is achieved when the furnace is running.

If the room is not warming properly, we will examine the duct work to try and find out if your warm air is escaping through a leak. If your home is drafty, ask for an air infiltration inspection to determine where the house should be sealed more tightly.

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