Whole House Humidifiers Control Moisture And Comfort
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Whole House Humidifiers Control Moisture And Comfort


Whole house humidifiers are a great way to control moisture and comfort within your home heating and cooling system. Some of the benefits of whole house humidification systems are that they require a one time setup, minimal maintenance, are typically more affordable than portable humidification systems.

In is generally advisable to keep a humidity level of 30-50% within your home year round. This will ensure that you and your family are comfortable during the heating season. Keeping a certain degree of moisture in the air is also important for wood furnishings and wooden components of your home such as hardwood floors and paneling. When you are using your heating system, some form of humidification system is a must for controlling moisture and maintaining maximum comfort.

Whole house humidifiers are very efficient and easy to use. Your furnace already has a blower system incorporated into it. Whole house humidification systems utilize this blower system to help maintain a comfortable level of moisture within your home. The humidifier is integrated directly into the furnace blower system. The water used by the system is drawn directly from your home water supply. Some systems transfer the water into a light mist which moves with the air traveling through your ductwork. Others create steam which is directed into the airflow of your home heating and cooling system.

In contrast to portable humidifier systems, whole house humidifiers never need to be refilled. Whole house humidifiers also require very minimal amounts of maintenance. If the water in your home water supply is heavy in minerals deposits you should clean your humidifier with diluted vinegar after each heating season. Other than that, whole house humidifiers require no maintenance.

Here at Roth Heating and Cooling we know you will be satisfied with the decision to install a whole house humidification system within your home. Once your system is installed and running you can sit back and enjoy a comfortable level of moisture year round.

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