When To Consider Duct Cleaning
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When To Consider Duct Cleaning


Everyone can easily imagine the clean, fresh smell of a new car – can a house give us that same wonderful feeling? Cleanliness maximizes the fresh air quality at home, but a critical part of the home cleaning process is often overlooked because it’s “invisible”- the duct work system. Could now be the time to consider duct cleaning?

There are several factors that will influence scheduling of your duct cleaning service. What goes on inside your home? Do you have pets, smokers, lots of candles burning? Have you remodeled lately? While the dust may have settled and the smoke may have cleared, chances are there are deposits sitting in the duct work right now. A quick look inside the return registers will tell a part of the story. But entire duct systems are difficult to visually check, so look out for these other, tell-tale signs:


Large objects will make unusual noises inside your duct work, much the same way a reed inside a saxophone does. Chances are you’ll detect it right away and be alerted to the problem area. However, if your ducts have been accumulating small amounts of debris over time you may not have noticed the change in sound. Duct cleaning on a regular basis can help correct the debris build-up. Noises are unpleasant, but blocked duct work can also build-up dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home.


When guests walk into my house, I want them to notice my hospitality, not my pet smells! Animal fur and even sloughed-off human skin cells go into the return ducts continuously. It doesn’t take long for build-up of this “fungi food” to occur. The next time you are away for a few days, take a deep breath upon first returning home and see if your nose detects musty or unusual odors.


Blocks and/or kinks in flexible duct work cut airflow, reduce effectiveness, and cause uneven “hot spots” in your overall home temperature. Consider having professional duct cleaning on a regular basis to help detect and alleviate problems that are costing you money and compromising your comfort.

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