A Closer Look at Our Precision Tune Up Service

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You have most likely heard of our Precision Tune Up service from past newsletters, this website and other promotions but have you ever wondered exactly what happens during a Precision Tune Up (PTU)? With this story told in pictures we hope to give you a better understanding of what a PTU for a gas furnace looks like and how it can benefit your home.

Precision Tune Up Step 1

Each PTU starts with a trained Service Technician removing the electronic air cleaner to inspect and clean. Whether you have an electronic air cleaner or a disposable filter, it is necessary to make sure they are cleaned or replaced monthly or quarterly. Our Service Technicians can talk to you about specific details for your system.

Precision Tune Up Step 2

Here the Service Technician is removing the blower for cleaning. Having a cleaned blower assembly and wheel insures the furnace will deliver the proper amount of air for optimum performance.

Precision Tune Up Step 3

When the Service Technician finishes with the electronic air cleaner and blower the process of checking the heat exchange and cleaning the burners is begun. Clean burners and good flame patterns combined with the proper sequence of operation can insure "worry free operation" for your home.

Precision Tune Up Step 4

Before finishing up the Service Technician checks the gas pressure to your system. Checking your furnace for proper fuel pressure can be critical so that the equipment does not overfire.

Hopefully this quick look into a Precision Tune-Up (PTU) will help you see the value it adds in keeping your system running at top performance. To learn more about our PTU visit our Precision Tune Up page. There you will see before and after shots along with a complete list of all tasks performed during an inspection. If you are ready to schedule or have questions don't hesitate to contact our office at 503-266-1249.